a letter from the editor (a.k.a. me)


a letter from the editor (a.k.a. me)

January 22, 2016
mom jeans: ugh, as if!
minimalism: go green, get green

A letter from the editor:

Welcome!! If you’re here it’s because we’ve gone live!

The blog officially launches today. The site is not perfect, but it’s still evolving, so bear with me.

I’ve been awake since 4:30am, wondering if it’s ready (it’s not), if I’m ready (I’m not), if the content is ready (it’s not). But I’m a perfectionist and will never be ready, so I’m ripping off the Band-Aid. Today is the day.

I spent the early morning hours wrapped in the cozy security of my warm down comforter, wondering what the hell I’m thinking. Why would anyone care what I have to say? What makes me different? I rolled over, picked up my never-too-far-away iPhone, checked my email, then tapped the Instagram icon. The first Insta I saw was a photo of a girl in over-the-knee boots paired with a chunky sweater-dress, a Chanel bag strung over her shoulder.  I nearly fell back asleep.

So oh yeah, that’s why.

Is it really possible that the fashionistas who run the world think this is news? Like, that same damn Chanel bag has been being photographed for a hundred years! Nothing against Chanel at all, but that bag ain’t avant-garde, ladies! The next photo was of a headless girl in ripped skinny jeans and Valentino heels with a Celine bag in her lap while she lounged on a loveseat. I scrolled down. Rinse, repeat. I saw like twelve Chloe bags before I even got out of bed this morning. I adore Chloe and there is a reason for the repetition, but the monotony is boring! Has fashion really been reduced to who has the most disposable income to spend on purses?

Of course not. I actually believe that fashion is more exciting now than it has been in years. A simple scroll through Anna Dello Russo’s Instagram is proof. That is fashion. It’s mature. It’s innovative. It’s luxurious. It’s trendy. It’s not about sex appeal. It’s also completely inaccessible. But that doesn’t mean that it – and others like it – can’t be emulated. So while I believe countless photos of handbags can be beautiful, and blogs about Dolce & Gabbana collaborations serve as great inspiration, I think we need to find a middle ground for actual people with jobs and budgets.

Somewhere between the Chloe-bag/Valentino-heels/amazing-apartment-with-a-view/skinny-latte-toting fashionista and the flatforms-with-socks/culottes/neon-shearling-parka/partially-shaved-head fashionista is the real world. That’s where I live; in a universe in which clothing gets worn for more than a photograph, and must keep me warm, be at least slightly flattering, and transcend seasons. My handbags have to carry laptops, umbrellas, shoes, an enormous camera…oh, and I generally don’t prop them upon me while sitting on my designer couch with my flat white.

Okay, so you get it. It’s probably pretty close to your reality, too. Maybe consider tagging along?

xx @the.antisocialista

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