fifty shades of blue


fifty shades of blue

March 6, 2016
pleather, and other confessions
mom jeans: ugh, as if!

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It’s March, and NYC is expected to experience temperatures in the low seventies this week. Say what?! I’ve barely had a chance to catch spring fever.

Thank you, El Nino! No complaints from me.

Autumn and spring are my favorite times of year. Fall is punctuated by bright red-orange foliage and the disappearance of frizz-inducing humidity, but it’s still got nothing on spring. Despite the ‘grams featuring brave, barelegged, brightly-adorned fashionistas battling the frigid temps during Fashion Week in early February, the general morale in NYC is morose in winter. Regular people grumpily scuttle from place to place as fast as possible, and even the best outfits are usually covered by some form of large, black, insulating outerwear – not that it matters since no one is focused on taking in the sights when the weather has reached Revenant proportions.

When spring arrives it brings an unparalleled buzz to the city, along with the promise of fresh air (sort of), new growth, and bare skin. Bright clothes are pulled from the dark corners of our closets. The tulips bloom on Park Avenue. Tourists pour in to inconveniently position themselves to snap photos, walk four-abreast on the sidewalk, and exit the subway only to park themselves at the top of the stairs while trying to figure out which direction to go, effectively creating a pileup of increasingly-angry locals. The sun shines, and it rains often enough that the city doesn’t smell entirely like the rotting garbage and canid urine of full-blown summer.


It also marks the time of year when winter coats go into storage until the following November (if we’re lucky). It’s generally not a sad moment for me, but I do get a bit bummed about having to bid adieu to my favorite cold-weather duds. Turtlenecks, leather pants, suede over-knee boots, fur neck-funnels, whimsical earmuffs that I received for Christmas from my nephews, maxicoats!! This winter brought with it some great clothing options, and since I’m all about value, I’ve made the decision to let them serve me just as well this spring.

Most of the pieces in my wardrobe are purchased with versatility and staying-power in mind so the transition isn’t really all that complicated, but this year I’m being particularly creative. Texture is a huge carryover from winter to spring, and cold-weather textures like cashmere and fur can be mixed with soft shades and light fabrics to help make them more springy. I’ve also been pairing dark hues with whites and pastels, which serves to heat them up a bit.  Now that the days have finally warmed enough, I can augment the drama of my maxicoats by wearing them open. And when it warms up just a touch more I’ll be wearing winter booties with bare legs and short dresses.  Simply put forth a little effort and creativity, and the possibilities are endless.

More importantly, tis the season to find great deals on those items that have been hanging around in stores since last year. It is extremely rare that I pay full price for something – especially something uber trendy, and this is the time of year when I go looking for deals on staples to save until next year (any many years beyond), or super “in” items that were designed for winter but can be easily transitioned to spring.

There are countless sales to shop this time of year, but evidently I’m feeling particularly blue this spring as evidenced by my photo above, so I’ve shared some of my favorite sale items in fifty shades of blue below.

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