giving sexy the slip


giving sexy the slip

March 23, 2016
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“Slip dresses are trending,” they said.

“Slip dresses are the hottest look for spring,” they said.

“Wear them in the day,” they said.

Funny thing, though…I haven’t seen many people wearing them off the runway or red carpet at all, and I simply can’t imagine why.  Maybe it’s because they’re hard to find?  Or hard to style?

First, let me start by saying that a slip is not a slip dress. A slip dress is meant to resemble a slip, but is, in actuality, a genuine dress. A quick Google search for “slip dress” comes up with a few options in every price range. Much of it is actual lingerie, or bohemian doily dresses with thin straps masquerading as SDs.

Shop the solution to that problem below:

So okay, now there’s a slip dress in your closet that isn’t built only for a supermodel, isn’t translucent or too provocative, and fits within your budget.  What now?  Will it simply dangle from its hanger collecting dust?  Sure, you can wear it on date night, but you can’t see yourself wearing it to company parties or running errands.  Unabashed sex appeal is out, and the SD is pretty blatant.  How versatile can it possibly be?

Uh, very!  Do not let Google fool you! Slip dresses are not just for red carpets, stick figures, our more provocative sisters, or girls that live in Brooklyn.

Daytime Slip Dressing Guide


I’m telling you – throw a denim jacket over a slip dress and wear it almost anywhere, even while the sun is shining.  The trick for a daytime version is to tone down the racy frock with other pieces: a feminine sneaker, a soft cardigan, a denim jacket, an oversized satchel.  Anything that exudes the evening-wear vibe is out, and – it should go without saying – the lingerie vibe is also a no-no. No robe-like jackets (unless you’re Rianna). No long, elegant earrings. No strappy heels.

I’m an expert at giving sexy the slip. Seriously, ask me how to make anything unsexy. I gotchoo.

On a recent trip to Jamaica I tossed my trusty black SD into my carryon in the event that I had cause to wear it, and it very quickly became my non-bikini uniform. By day I drank piña coladas and jumped from cliffs into the ocean, but at dusk I donned the single most comfortable garment that I own for rum cocktail hour and sunset. Even as it sunk below the horizon, the scorching sun kept me from pairing my SD with outerwear or shoes, but I banished the inherent suggestive nature of the dress by going barefoot and sans makeup with a shameless disregard for keeping my hair under control.

It worked, and moreover, there’s nothing like the feeling that you’re wearing pajamas and getting away with it.  Do it!  You’ll thank me.

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