heck yes i like rainbows. gosh!**


heck yes i like rainbows. gosh!**

April 6, 2016
festival wear (a.k.a. ish you don't need)
minimalism: perfecting the carryon

New York City suuuuucks this week.

I would imagine that for the majority of the world’s population NYC would suck most of the time. It takes a certain type of personality to survive here.

The pace is fast. The competition is fierce. The cost of living is astronomical. The people – well, I’d like to note that at a dinner party two weeks ago every single woman sitting at the table told one or more stories about being mugged, molested on the subway, temporarily abducted by a driver, or accosted by an unstable individual with no provocation (bonus points if it was in a confined space). This doesn’t include the countless tales of inevitable exhibitionism experienced by all.

Even with unsolicited penises* wagging at women citywide on a daily basis, the only thing about which New Yorkers consistently complain? The weather. We accept the negatives in exchange for the constant hum of activity; the thrill of being at the epicenter of fashion, business, cuisine, culture, and art; the luxury of being able to have food from almost any corner of the globe delivered to our tiny apartments at any hour of the day. The thing that most pulls me to New York is the anonymity. It’s absolutely divine for an antisocialista!

But still, the weather…ughhh.

As I was saying…New York sucks this week. March was a big tease with temperatures reaching the low seventies. April Fools!! This month shows up and brings a bunch of ice storms? Not cool, April. Not cool.

Of course everyone is ready for sunshine, but it’s particularly hard on the fashion set that is absolutely dying to break out SS16. We all know that New York is immersed in a sea of black for most of the winter months. Black coats, black boots, black umbrellas bobbing down Broadway hunting unsuspecting eyes to poke out. Spring brings back the bright hues that we all crave. This year is no exception, but unlike seasons past in which there was a must-have color, this spring it runs the spectrum.  Literally.

IMG_2957Rainbow. Rainbow everything. Rainbow handbags. Rainbow stripes. Rainbow hair. Yesssssss! I’m so into it that I’ve ordered rainbow patches for my 501s.

I think the spectral craze stems from fashion’s current obsession with the nineties. Rainbows are very Napolean Dynamite-esque. High-waisted, light-washed Levi’s are back. Backpacks are back. Having a bunch of crap (read: boondoggle key chains) hanging from your backpack is back. Perms are back, people! PERMS!!

The nineties have arrived with all the retro glory of Uncle Rico, but if you’re not into the high-rise button-fly, or the crop top, or the acrylic purse, or white platforms, or off-the-shoulder styles, you can still get in on the action via – you guessed it! – rainbows!

Shop my favorite rainbow budget buys:

Or splurge:

*It was very hard for me to write this word. I am literally at a seven-year-old level.  Or, in other words, taking my nineties obsession way too far.

**In dedication to my sister, the ultimate nineties betty.

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  • Robin April 6, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    Love the rainbow!!!! I am thinking of getting a small handbag now just for fun with a rainbow motif….. thanks for the inspo! stay inspired! xoxo, Robin from THE INSPIRED (http://www.theinspired.life)

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