i like big buds and i cannot lie


i like big buds and i cannot lie

May 3, 2016
old stripe, new stripe, bold stripe, blue stripe
keep calm and iron on

Get it? Because flowers? On my jacket? Okay, good, just checking.

I tend to be more of a blue girl than a pink girl. More of a jeans girl than a dress girl. More of a geometric girl than a floral girl.

But I also tend to love a trend.

Spring has finally sprung in NYC and florals are showing up in every corner bodega and on every A-line skirt, per usual. I wouldn’t call it a “trend” since it happens among the fashion set each April without exception. People are always super excited to see, buy, smell, and wear flowers after a long, dull winter.

So long. So dull.

But while flowers are very SS09, and SS10, and SS11, and SS12…giant flowers are really a SS15 thing. Big, huge, overgrown, weedy florals. And not tightly packed bouquets, but sparse silhouettes of gargantuan, freaky, Jurassic blossoms.

“But ummm…Courtney? It’s 2016.”



I found this Thakoon coat on super sale at Barneys Warehouse several months ago, and even though it’s literally so last year and florals are generally not my jam, I figured that it was too good to pass up at 85% off. I was hesitant, I won’t lie. I hate to wear statement pieces when the statement has already been made. Was it too late in the trend cycle to wear this thing? The clock was ticking, and because the sale was in February and I’m not one of those girls whose yearning to look cool surpasses her basic human needs – like warmth – I waited patiently for the right weather and occasion to take it for a test drive. That date was last Wednesday.

In the past I’ve frequently commented about the sea of black that engulfs the non-fashionphile New Yorkers during the winter months, but I thought that even the most jaded of them might don a hint of color on a sixty-five-degree day in April. Surely I wouldn’t stand out too much, and anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It wasn’t until I marched up 6th Avenue in a white coat, white sweatshirt, and white platforms that I realized how unbelievably dreary New York can be. And judgmental. So much for that fashion epicenter thing. People stared at me. They stared.

“Oh my god, Becky, look at her florals! They’re so…big!”

I considered taking it personally. Apparently non-black outerwear in The Big Apple is the sartorial equivalent of using the word “irregardless.” But in a city in which you can be plainly pinned into the corner of a crowded subway car by a mentally ill individual who screams nearly incoherent but very violent threats in your face while no one lifts a finger to help, it’s kind of a big deal for strangers to care enough to be nice to you. So when not one, not two, not three, but four different people stopped me over the course of the evening to tell me my coat was amazing, I felt like Karlie Kloss at the Met Gala.

So if you like ’em thick and juicy, the verdict is in, and so are large florals. Still. And many of them are on sale. Check out my fave bargain buds below!


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    great post, lovon the floral print!

    Melissa from http://roseoffashion.de/

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