minimalism: go green, get green


minimalism: go green, get green

January 21, 2016
a letter from the editor (a.k.a. me)
puff puff, but don't pass on a puffer

I’ve never considered myself to be much of a thrift store shopper. Thrifty? Yes. Thift store? Not so much. It’s more about patience than anything else. I have size 8 shoulders, a 2 waist, 6 hips, long limbs, and I don’t even want to talk about my size 9.5 feet. After years of very expensive trial and error, I know the brands that work for me, and in the interest of time and my sanity, I tend to gravitate towards those. Thrifting just doesn’t work that way.

Cue The Wrld.

You might be aware that two of my latest posts regale readers with provocative tales of closet cleaning, and turning forgotten articles of clothing into dolla dolla bills y’all. It’s real Pulitzer stuff. But what happens to all of your discarded (well, sold actually) designer duds once they are magically transformed into new clothes from Intermix or Barneys or Bloomies or Shopbop for you?

Material Wrld, the fashion trade-in company first mentioned here, lists them on The Wrld, their previously-loved sales site. The site is organized like no brick-and-mortar thrift store in the wrld (see what I did there?). With a simple click, shoppers can sort by size, price, and – for people like me with bizarre bodies – designer.

Chloe handbags! Isabel Marant boots! Rag & Bone denim! And my all-time favorite, Equipment blouses!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.35.12 AM

Sold…to yours truly.

So far I’ve purchased four of those bad boys, and I’m not sure which one I adore most, but knowing that they were purchased for $70 each makes me love them a lot more than the one I bought new for $300 in Barcelona.

In my opinion it’s a genius way to pad your closet with quality items that last, saving them from being crammed into landfills (go green!), and keeping your cash in your bank account where it belongs (get green!). I mean, any therapist worth their weight in Zoloft will tell you that one person not loving something does not an unlovable thing make. So get involved. Tell your friends. Save the world one second-hand Chanel bag at a time…

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