minimalism: the chameleon shoe


minimalism: the chameleon shoe

March 21, 2016
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I never thought I’d write a minimalism post about shoes.  Hypocritical much?  A shoe minimalist I am not.  I’ll admit that I have a number of pairs, but I’d still like to believe that I have fewer than most women who work in fashion, and many of those who don’t. So here goes…

I learned a long time ago that when it comes to shoes, one gets what one pays for.  I want to be as comfortable as possible in killer heels, and there is simply no debating that a high quality pair is more comfortable (and more flattering) than the mass produced products of fast fashion.  Plush materials and superior craftsmanship simply can’t be supported at $50/pair.

That said, my shoe collection sports a hefty price tag, so new purchases are very thoughtful and fairly infrequent. With this and a small NYC closet in mind, I tend to gravitate toward shoes with multiple functions; staples, if you will.  You won’t find any orange and sea-foam stilettos with butterfly wings protruding from the heel in my closet. They just don’t make sense for real people. Or people that like to get more than one season out of a pair of $600 pumps. Or people that drive.

It’s not that I can’t appreciate these styles. They’re beautiful, but they aren’t practical. Because of this, my favorite shoe each season is generally divergent from that of the fashion blogiverse. My most beloved finds are often nothing to write home about. Stylish and trendy? Yes. Metallic rainbow? Well…maybe, but only in three months and only at a 70% markdown.

This season my full-price, go-to shoe is the Gucci mule loafer . It’s trendy, comfortable, flat, comparatively well-priced, and casual yet sophisticated. In short, it’s versatile.

Style it for a day on the town:

Minimalism: the shoe episode



Or for a casual weekend brunch, date night, or a Vinyl inspired day at the office (FYI – stripes-on-stripes are making my heart happy this season):

This Season's Chameleon Shoe



The options are endless!  This loafer is a true chameleon.

A shoe closet boasting 500 pairs like Khloe Kardashian’s may be the envy of a lot of women, but I am not one of them. I won’t lie, it does make my heart skip a beat, but it’s that kind of beat-skip that you feel when racing to your computer after you realize you may have clicked “Reply All” when you absolutely, definitely, one-hundred percent shouldn’t have. If I had to look at an entire mortgage worth of shoes in my closet every time I got dressed I’d need to be committed. Or buried, since my husband would kill me.

I won’t invoke the starving children cliché…but come on – no stylish woman should need hundreds of pairs of shoes to look good. Shop smart with versatility and staying power in mind, and you’ll still be wearing your black python Christian Louboutin pumps 9 years from now. Like me.

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