minimalism: the purging episode, part 1

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minimalism: the purging episode, part 1

December 21, 2015
puff puff, but don't pass on a puffer

Minimalism is hot right now, and eliminating old, boring, or simply unused items from your wardrobe is on your New Year’s To-Do list.  Again.

After much procrastination and several well-meaning declarations that you will edit your personal collection down to only those pieces that you truly adore, you stand in front of your bulging closet, overwhelmed.  Some items are easy victims; the purple satin Christian Louboutins you wore once as a bridesmaid in Miami, the Rag & Bone jeans that you didn’t realize were going to stretch quite so much, or your fifth pair of black Gucci trousers.  But what about the other items; the blazer you wore to the interview on the day you landed your dream job (a.k.a. your lucky blazer!), the shoes you wore on your wedding day (a.k.a. your lucky Manolos!), the first luxury designer handbag that you bought with your own paycheck (a.k.a. your lucky…handbag?)?

You get the point.

We’re all guilty of contriving sentimentalities and creative rationalizations for keeping items that haven’t seen daylight in eons.  I understand that paring down your wardrobe can be stressful, so I’ve got a few simple guidelines to keep it trauma-free and – dare I say – fun?

1)     If you don’t love it, let it go.  You should adore everything in your closet.  Don’t be fooled by lust, though.  It’s so easy to covet a pretty label or the idea of a piece that simply doesn’t flatter you.  If you don’t feel amazing in something every single time you zip it up, move on.   Wardrobe lust will only lead to heartbreak, and there are so many fish in the sea…

2)     Does it fit?  If an item doesn’t fit correctly it is only depriving you of space, time, and money.  Yes, actual money!  Not only is an unloved piece taking up space in your closet, it is taking up valuable time when you try it on again and again with the hope that one of you has somehow changed.  Still worse, if you can turn that piece into dollars, what are you waiting for?

3)     Don’t get caught up in sentiment.  Think of liberating your lucky blazer as paying it forward.  There is surely another woman out there that needs to land her dream job, too.

4)     Eliminate redundancies.  Do you really need three pairs of strappy silver stilettos?  The answer:  no.  Purge redundant items and you can trim the quantity of your wardrobe down significantly without affecting its quality at all.  It’s genius!  Thank you.  I agree.

5)     If you didn’t wear something in the last season in which it was appropriate, you probably won’t wear it again.  It’s as simple as that.

6)     Keep your eye on the prize!  Don’t forget that many of the items that you don’t adore anymore will be coveted by another fashion lover in the near future.  Whether you donate them, sell them to a great company like Material Wrld, or consign them at The RealReal, super-duper purging endorphins will be a worthwhile reward.

It sounds easy, right?  It is!  I know because I’ve done it.  If you commit yourself to following these simple rules, editing your closet will be an enjoyable, cathartic experience.  Or at least it will be tolerable.  And it sure is fun to take the Material Wrld Debit Card to Barneys.  I know, because I’ve done that, too.

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