old stripe, new stripe, bold stripe, blue stripe


old stripe, new stripe, bold stripe, blue stripe

June 20, 2016
i like big buds and i cannot lie

Sometimes I’m way ahead of the trends. Way. Like a few years ago I started pegging my jeans and my husband was slightly mortified (However, I’d like the jury to note that he pegged his linen pants just yesterday). I was also rocking crop tops and high-rise denim to GoldBar in 2007. It was probably too soon, but the point is that I saw them coming. I certainly don’t claim to be able to predict all things cool (didn’t foresee the microbag at all), but occasionally I get lucky.

Then there are the instances when I’m right on time.   I’ll have what I think is a genius fashion idea and then, lo and behold, Fashion Week beats me to it.

Gucci, you’re killing me!

I’m kidding, obviously. I’ll give Alessandro Michele the “W” on this one, but last fall I too began to cultivate what I thought was an organic obsession with an updated version of an old classic. I started to favor bold stripes only to realize they are an actual trend for SS16 and not just my own quirky development. I don’t know if the industry should be commended for its power to brainwash, or if it was just the natural evolution of trends. (You remember gargantuan florals were big for SS15, and what is the absolute antithesis of bold florals? Hint: colossal stripes.)IMG_0127

I’d love to believe it was the latter, as I am not a complete sucker for all things trending. There are definitely some high fashion movements in which I will not be participating. The tremendously-long-sleeved look of last fall was one of them. More power to you if you don’t require the use of your hands, but sadly, I do. Another is the deep V. I “get” it, but I’m not fussy enough to think about my clothing all day long. I’d be all epic wardrobe malfunction, like one of those girls whose skirt is being gradually elevated by the friction of her large tote against her hip, and who doesn’t realize she’s parading through Grand Central Station with her entire derrière on display.

Sidenote: We should all stop that girl and politely tell her that her butt is showing, but none of us do. We’re jerks.

But stripes? This is a trend that is actually practical!

  1. If horizontal, diagonal, or asymmetrical stripes are not your thing, vertical stripes are classic, slimming and elongating. If you’re long-waisted (and even if you’re not), high-rise vertically striped pants paired with heels are your friend, and will give the illusion of mile-long legs.
  2. Stripes are hardcore trending right now, sure, but they’re also timeless (unlike…ahem…four foot sleeves). The stripe has been around since Coco Chanel debuted it in 1917, so even if it’s only a century-long trend, you’ve still got a good year and a half.
  3. If you’re one of the brave sisters who cares to mix and match prints, stripes are a super easy way to do so. They can be paired with almost any print of the same color scheme, and even — I’m going to blow your mind right now — OTHER STRIPES!
  4. Still, the single most practical aspect of the stripe trend is that it can be found virtually anywhere, and at every price point. I try very hard not to support fast fashion so I generally balk in the face of unnaturally cheap clothing, but that doesn’t mean one must go fully haute couture either. Everlane, The Root Collective, Raven & Lily, and Krochet Kids are all affordable brands that are embracing stripes this season, but most importantly, they’re all humanely manufactured in the good ole USA. And don’t forget about second-hand destinations like The Wrld and The Real Real, which are also budget- and eco-friendly choices.
  5. Lastly, one of the greatest aspects of stripes is that they lend themselves easily to other trends. No one wants to be the girl in the platform espadrilles and the ruffled, tasseled, tie-dyed, off-the-shoulder, cropped, flared tracksuit (that’s not a thing, FYI). Rocking too many trends at once reeks of “trying too hard,” which is my hands down, uncontested, absolute least favorite look ever. But stripes are basic enough that they combine well with other statement pieces, so mix and match your stripes with flared pants, off-the-shoulder tops, one-piece swimsuits, ruffled shirts, or my personal favorite, the paper bag waist (as seen above, paired with a cropped tank and Emy Mack ballet flats).

Below are some of my favorite striated options.  All of them can be found at Intermix this time, because I own many of them and love vouching for things that are Anti approved!


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